Tuesday, 29 July 2014

FROM RAGS TO GLAM - Signiorina Acapulco Collection by Andrès Romo

Sketches for Signiorina Acapulco Collection by Andrès Romo

When it comes to creating a new collection, usually, designers want to impress their audience with use of fabrics that will stand out. It’s all about choosing the newest types of fabrics with prints that no one has come up with, or the newest technology that has gone into its creation. It’s all about impressing their clientele. 
So, can a designer impress their audience with something simple and basic? Can they deliver great looking and wearable collection by using fabrics that are usually associated with poverty? Will this look cheap or chic?

Signiorina Acapulco Collection by Andrès Romo

Signiorina Acapulco Collection by Andrès Romo

Signiorina Acapulco Collection is about proving that one can turn a poplin fabric, that would normally be treated with disregard and irony, into stylishly looking garments. In his collection, Andrès Romo, an emerging Mexican designer who lives and works in Milan, has proved his point by using poplin to make a clear statement that even the lowest quality fabric can be transformed into glamorously looking garments that are chic and elegant.

The designer -  Andrès Romo

Signiorina Acapulco Collection by Andrès Romo
It is a lesson Andrès learned from his grandmother Margarita who was an inspiration for the romantic feel of Signiorina Acapulco Collection, hence the rose prints and the colour palette used in the garments and the hand made embroidery. His grandmother would always make herself her own clothes from fabrics that were available in the local shops, to be able to wear them during her stay in Acapulco.  Every year in the 50’s, Andrès's grandmother would travel to Acapulco to celebrate festivals, spend holiday and meet her friends. It was time to celebrate life, feel elegant, happy and forget about everyday worries. 

 Andrès Romo presenting his designs

Personally, I think the collection looks great and I have noticed it was popular with the audience as well.  All of the skirts, dresses and blouses have been designed and sewn to a very high standard by Andres himself who is clearly a perfectionist. Thanks to the designer’s clever combination of 50’s styling with traditional Mexican prints and hand-sewn embroidery, he has created a collection that is contemporary, ultra-feminine, elegant, and most importantly, wearable. The moment the dresses and skirts are worn by a woman, they become alive and ooze with style, elegance and femininity.

Roberta Atavilla in one of  Andrès Romo's creations for the collection

Stylist: Alessia Caliendo in Signiorina Acapulco by Andrès Romo

Journalist: Valeria Oppenheimer  trying on Signiorina Acapulco dress by Andrès Romo

Instagram image: Courtesy of Valeria Oppenheimer @valeriaoppenheimer

Valeria Oppenheimer wearing Signiorina Acapulco skirt by Andrès Romo