Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Roma, Amor de mis Amores S/S15 Collection by San Andrès Milano

Roma, Amor de mis Amores 
S/S15 Collection
San Andrès Milano

The first time I heard about San Andrès Milano brand was almost a year ago when a friend of mine who lives in Milan and works for the brand mentioned it in our conversation. Being curious and inquisitive I went online and started my research. To my surprise, I found out that the brand had already been on the market a few years and is constantly delivering new collections which become massive hits. I became a fan of San Andrès Milano brand too and am constantly following it on Instagram (@sanandresmilano) and Facebook.

So who is the mastermind behind the brand?

It’s Andrès Caballero, who is a finalist of the eighth edition (2012) of ‘Who is on Next’, the scouting project developed and oragnised by Altaroma in collaboration with Vogue Italia. Andrès is originally from Mexico but living and working in Milan. Having learnt the trade at various fashion and couture schools in Mexico, Andrès’ talent was instantly recognised and had been granted a scholarship to attend Instituto Maragoni in Milan. Subsequently Andrès received a scholarship for postgraduate course in Haute Couture at the Paris American Academy in Paris where he learned from the experts in the field.  

Atelier San Andrès Milano - Backstage

Before San Andrès Milano show started I had exclusive pleasure of previewing the new collection behind the stage before the public would see it. With my pass on my neck and camera in my hands, I entered the world of preparation for the show. San Andrès Milano team were calm, composed and concentrated, with each member of the team knowing exactly what to do.  When I saw Andrès Callabero, he welcomed me with a firm handshake and told me to have a look at the collection. I was excited like a kid in a sweet shop – you do not always have got a chance to preview the collection a few hours before the show and mingle around models, stylists and the staff.

The preparation started with hanging all the garments out on carefully numbered and picture coded racks. Each member of the staff knew exactly which rack they would be responsible for and which model they would be helping to get changed during the catwalk.

Whilst Andrès was attending each garment, checking whether everything was in place, models were being prepared for the show as well. Hair stylists, make up artists were working on each model quietly. There was no feel of rush, though, I can imagine, everyone was really tensed.

After all the garments and make up were ready, it was time to rehearse the show.  Each model had to walk on the catwalk to the music, making sure they knew when to enter the stage and what part of the runway they had to stop at. Andrès and his team were carefully watching and making last minute changes and suggestions so the show would look perfect.

Roma, Amor de mis Amores – Preview S/S 2015 Collection

Roma, Amor de mis Amores is the name of the new collection. It’s a tribute to Rome, the sixties, Mexican architecture, Mexican artists, colour palette, as well as influential Italian figures who have become icons in the world of fashion and cinema such as Sophia Loren, for example.

Andrès and his assistant preparing moodboard for the colection

The collection is ultra feminine and very strong in its message. The modern woman of San Andrès Milano is strong and is not afraid of mixing and matching different types of graphic prints and playful motifs. She wears oversized tops and pairs them up with shirts and midi length skirts which look chic and elegant thanks to rich fabrics used in the collection, such as mikado silk or double organza for example.

The finished garments are at the highest level of haute couture. Each piece is well finished and attention to each detail such as embroidery, finishing around zips or hems, is worth mentioning as well. It’s the time and effort put into the collection that makes each piece stand out and worth paying the price. If I were a woman... San Andrès Milano would be one of the brands I would definitely go to! 

San Andrès Milano 
Via Cadore, 22,
20135 Milano,
+39 02 3984 4178

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